Man for Man

A closer friendship


Well, is he hot? sure for me. I mean, he isn't really the type of guy who represents the current standards of what's hot, and I don't even like those guys, but he has his things. In fact, he's quite a charming guy and does well with women. He's not very tall at all, I'm about 8 inches taller, and he's rather chubby, but he has a body that drives me quite crazy, a bit feminine even. His chest is awesome, he has something like small manboobs, and they're very sensitive. In fact, that's the place I generally start "attacking", it's a bit like his weak spot. When he's very horny is not rare to get him to shiver and moan like a bitch just by licking his nipples. He really doesn't have much pigment and that makes him look rather cute. His nipples are pink, and his skin is so white he always look quite pinkish. After so many years, I got to know that his asshole was also pink, the first pink asshole I seen. See, he's not really gay, neither I am, but I really know how to get him horny and I have years fantasizing about fucking him.


We're the same age, 27 as I write, and been friends for 20 years. We introduce each other to other people as "my brother", and we really feel like we are. It took years to get to cross that line again, as we had fooled a bit in the hornier times of our lives, but now we're grown up, and we're both quite some pervs. He's rather reluctant sometimes but I know how to get him to play along, once there, I do make him have an awesome time.

About four years ago we ended up crossing it again. He had split with his wife and came to live with me, I didn't have a spare room so we shared my bed. Nothing really happened for weeks until one day, he told me I had grabbed his boob and played with it in my sleep. "A bit is fine" he told me, "but it hurted". Then I don't know what got into me but I wasn't into being with guys for quite long. The idea of fucking him got into my mind, and that's something I'm yet to achieve, since it took me like three years to even see his asshole. So figure there's not much actual fucking really going on in this story!

One night shortly after, he had fallen asleep and I was just laying without really achieving any sleep. As I ussually do when I can't sleep, I decided to jerk off. I really didn't mind much having him in the bed while I got into it, after all, I had jerked by his side for years when teens, but it was the first time I did that since he moved with me. The idea got into my head again, and I started to think about having sex with him. he was there, asleep, in his underwear and I was there, awake, with my hard cock in my hand and my mind rolling like a crazed perv. I started to look at his chest, and I really wanted to touch it. I spent quite a deal of time slowly jerking myself while deciding wether to touch him or not, the idea of doing something that could damage our relationship was haunting me, but I was finding it very hard to resist, finally, his own words, "a bit is nice", were enought to make me take courage and I went on. At first, I simply placed my palm on his chest, rather contorted for my own jerking, and stared at his face to see if he reacted.

Decided to not chickening, I slowly slid it towards his boob and softly grabbed it and. I took his nipple between my fingers and he moved his mouth. That's when he reacted, he opened his mouth a bit and I felt how the nipple was getting harder. I kept jerking myself in a rather uncomfortable position as I realized he did indeed had a reaction I was slow enough to not check: His tight shorts were bulgy with what it seemed a good old boner. I prodded it with the tip of my fingers and it was hard, but when I prodded it again I felt the twitch of a rush of blood. I chickened and went back to his torso, now going through his belly. I really like his belly, he has a nice curvy one, the kind of belly a guy who doesn't take care of his body has, without being really big. I explored it with my hand, caressing its limits, and slowly flirting with grabbing the boner by exploring his inner legs and low belly, with my dick oozing hours of precum and fantasizing about a fuck that was not going to happen, and I finally slid my hand onto his bulge. I touched his balls with my fingers and starting rubbing his dick with my palm, and that feeling of the spasm of bloodrushs was simply too hot for me to handle, and I came after about two minutes, gushing several shots into my pants already soaked with precum.

But I really didn't feel very well after touching him. I laid there, soaked in my own cum for a while with a blank mind, and an odd feeling assaulted me. Guilt is probably the closest word to describe it.

The next days I grew suspicious on him being aware of what had happened. He was quite a lot more physically playful. I mean, we always been very physical towards each other. We'd hug, kiss, punch, bite or simply foolily wrestle, but we started some kind of game of bothering the other by touching the ass or the balls. bed was calm, a couple of times when I got the idea into my head I just went to the bathroom and have a jerk on my own, and we ussually woke up quite entangled with each other. He even had some awckward moments of being about saying something and going like "Oh, nevermind". One of our wrestles over the remote was the key to know that he was feeling some kind of exciment on it, after probably half an hour of holding, grappling, and forcing, i went straight into his balls and I found out his dick was hard. It was ood, I watched him to his face, probably harder than he was, and he simply went "ok, let's stop". I played it cool, but that made the pervyness come up again.


For days I struggled with myself to not do anything, but one day I just couldn't help it. I found myself fully awake, staring at the ceiling, with his arm grabbing my torso and one of his legs between mine. And hard as a rock. My heart pumped like mad. My hand was trapped so close to his cock it was just torturous, and I was dying to know if he was hard. I reached into his underwear and I felt his hairless pubes with my fingers. I quickly took the hand from there and startes to touch his leg and ass with my other hand. I turned to him and he laid on his back, then I had him right where I wanted it. He was hard. I went right into his chest and played with it a little, but now I was determined to grab his dick with my hand. I rubbed his belly a bit and started to slowly get my hand more deeper into his shorts. When I grabbed his dick, I just held it high feeling it twitching and he moaned and cover his eyes with his arm. I'm sure he believed I would suck it, but I just wanted to jerk him. I slid my hand to the base of his cock between the balls and I started to rub it.

It was a long time since I las have seen his cock. Ha has a rather small and thin cock, always shaved just to make it look bigger, with enough foreskin to have you be careful when revealing the head. When I slid it down he complained. I was super horny, with his cock in my hand and knowing he was aware of what was happening, and I just started to jerk both cocks at the same time. He heavy grasp was making me even hornier, and he came rather quickly. As soon as I realized, I don't know why but that's something I quite kept doing from there on, I took the cum off his belly and lubed my own cock with it. I came almost right away. Our heavy breathings was everything we heard. I was really hoping for him to say something, but it didn't happen. I was feeling awesome and seemingly he did too, as we woke holding each other with our sticky cocks off our underwears.

I wanted him to say something for the whole next day, but it didn't happen until very late. That night we were attending to a posh party, and then to another party, and had taken some drugs. We ended up quite wasted, and as we going to the second party he told me "We should do something about our sleep". That was overwhelming, because it let me know he thought something was wrong with it. I muttered a "Yeah" and I proposed we should put our respective pillows at each end of the bed.

When we got home we were terribly drunk and I wasn't thinking about the subject. We did put the poillows as planned, but that night something I wouldn't expect happen. I woke up to him grabbing my hand with both of his and rubbing it on his bulge while thrusting upwards, in simple words, he was fucking my hand. We were both dressed, but he had opened his zipper and his cock was slightly outside his shorts. I don't know if I was already hard but I just reached my pants and took my cock off, and slid his underwear down a bit to grab his. I was really expecting him to jerk me, but he didn't dare. He came on his clothes and turned around, and was left there amazed at was just happened, confused, horny and amazed.

From there on we had a season of a couple of week where I'd jerk him almost every single night. The inniciative was mine almost all the time, But now that I knew he was up for getting handjobs from me I wanted the favor back. I would lead his hand towards my dick but he'd always make a detoru to me belly, face or chest. There was one time I had been slowly jerking him and mostly stimulating the base of his cock, right between his balls. He was wearing a shirt I have lifted to touch his torso, as I ussually started by there. I grabbed his hand and placed inside my pyjama pants, and he grabbed my wet cock. His handjob was rather bad, but I was really into making him have an amazing time and the days before had served me to start exploring his body. I had tried to reach his asshole with my fingers a few times but he wouldn't let me. Anyways, his belly was going flat on spasm and it was amazing he wouldn't cum, and he clumsy handjob really got me into finishing, which was probably not a good idea. I was sickly horny that moment, and I had something like a sperm fetish.

If he cummed first, I'd take his cum and rub it all over my cock. If I did cum first, which didn't happen frequently, I took the sperm and spread it on his cock while I jerked it. I have an amazingly precumming cock, and I used it to lub his cock as well. The fact is that that handjob I had been wanting for so long ended up abruptly. As soon as he came, I spreaded his sperm all over his belly and he just retired his hand from my pants, even more, he got a bit pissed off and turned his back on me. I know it was a bit strange for him to have me having him to explore some stuff that for most are left unknown, but at the moment I didn't know what to make of it. I decided that time to stop the thing before it spoiled our brotherhood. But well, it wasn't that easy for neither of us.

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