Man for Man

A Christmas Tale


When Tyler awoke, the room was quite chilly. It seemed even worse because of the wind howling outside rattling the windows of the old cabin. He lay in the bed shivering, not wanting to get up. Only his dark tousled head of hair was showing above the blanket.


Eventually, he'd have to brave the cold to get to the bathroom, but not just yet. In his mind he was cursing himself for his habit of sleeping in next to nothing. If he'd have been at home alone, he WOULD have been sleeping in nothing. But if he'd have been home, he would have been warm.

Gavin, who was in the other bed in the loft next to him, was cold too. Without any way of knowing the consequences of his spur-of-the-moment actions, he did something that was to change their lives forever. He jumped out of his bed and into the one that held his best friend, landing in a way that nearly took the wind out of him.

"Get off me, you fag!" Tyler giggled.

"You're freezing your scrawny butt off and I'm here to save you from that fate," Gavin exclaimed. "Let me warm you up, you wuss."

"Stop touching my body with your cold hands, queer."

The boys exchanged a few more jesting insults and wrestled good-naturedly for a couple of minutes, warming up in the process. Tyler ended up on top although he was slightly smaller than his buddy. Had Gavin wanted to, he could have reversed their position with a bit of effort, but he was enjoying the feeling of Tyler's body on his. They had wrestled each other for real in practice, but this was different somehow. Both boys were breathing heavily and grinning impishly.

"I've got you where I want you," Tyler insisted. "I'll teach you to jump into my bed uninvited, pervert."

He had intended to plant a big, wet kiss on Gavin's cheek as a sign of domination over him, but missed when Gavin moved at the last minute. The result was that the kiss landed directly on Gavin's lips. Tyler pulled back, embarrassed. They lay there for a full minute looking silently into each other's eyes in the gray light of the winter morning. Gavin pulled Tyler's face toward his and they kissed again. At first it was tentative; then it became fervent.

Tyler began to grind his brief-covered crotch against Gavin's. Both were moaning into each other's mouth as the heat of their passion rose to a fever pitch.

Gavin slid his hands under the waistband of Tyler's undies and massaged the firm, spongy butt encased within. He worked the middle finger of his right hand down into the cleft, lightly grazing that warm, moist crack.

Tyler gave a gasp, froze in place for a second, and let loose the biggest load of cum that he'd ever produced up to that point in his young life. His intense physical climax and vocal expression took Gavin over the edge with him.

They had scarcely finished spewing when Tyler began to sob.

"Hey, what's wrong, bud?"

"I didn't mean for this to happen! I only meant to kiss you on the cheek to, like, dominate you like Shawn does to the freshmen on the team. I didn't mean to kiss you for real."

"I know. Why do you think I moved at the last minute? In that split second, I knew I wanted it to happen."

"Oh shit! I've perverted you," Tyler wailed.

"No, no! You haven't done any such thing. I've wanted to do this with you for about three years, but I've never had the balls to do it. I was afraid you'd hate me. Tyler, I care for you so much that I can't even find words to express it!"

Tyler stopped mid-sob and stared disbelievingly into Gavin's eyes.

"You were the one who wanted to stop jacking off together back then," he reminded Gavin. "You said we needed to grow up and get girlfriends so we could get married some day and have kids and all. You said it was an abomination for guys to do sex things together!"

"Yeah, I know. I really believed Pastor Bob when he told us boys in youth group all that stuff about how sinful it was for men to do stuff with other men. I figured we'd both go to Hell if we kept on and I didn't want to send you to Hell even if I was going there."

"I think Pastor Bob is the one heading for Hell," Tyler replied. "Didn't you notice how excited he got when he told us how men put their cocks in other men's mouths and how they did each other up the butt? I'm pretty sure he had a hardon under that big Bible on his lap. I'll bet he's a pervert."


"Well, he did resign not to long after that. Do you think someone complained?"

"Billy Thompson acted pretty offended and his dad's an elder. I think he went right home and told."

"Back to the subject, was Pastor Bob right? Are we going to Hell?"

"Hell no!" Tyler grinned. "It felt more like heaven to me."

"You don't seem upset anymore. How come?"

"Because if you're okay with what we did, I sure am."

"Ty, I'm more than okay with it; I love you. I think I have since we were in diapers. I've always loved you like a brother; no, more than a brother. I mean, I love Kevin, but I'm not in love with the twerp. I thought what I felt for you was like being best friends, but it's more a whole lot more. I don't know exactly how to say it, but I always want to be with you."

"You mean together, like married?"

"Yeah, if you feel the same, we actually could be since the law changed and we're 18." Gavin said searching Tyler's eyes for an answer.

"I WOULD like that, and it's easy enough to say, but what will our parents do?"

"I'm not sure. I wish I knew."

They lay together for several more minutes enjoying the warmth and closeness. Gavin kept stoking Tyler's back until he could swear his buddy was purring. They might have fallen back to sleep like that except that the chilly temperature of the room began to seep in again.

"I hate to break this up, but what's with the furnace in this place?" Tyler asked.

"Let me check the lamp to see if we have electricity. The furnace won't work without it."

Gavin tried the switch on the lamp between the beds. It didn't go on. With the power out, there might be things to worry about besides staying warm. The community well wouldn't function if the lines connected to the pump were down too. The boys were going to have to put their problem-solving skills to use if they were going to survive this storm without being miserable.

"Let's run to the bathroom and light the space heater in there. It's manual like the one in the kitchen. They were here before Dad had the furnace put in. We can have enough heat to survive even if we have to sleep in one of those rooms on the floor tonight." Gavin said.

"If there's still water, uh, maybe we should shower the cum off our bodies." Tyler snickered. "I'll get some big pots from the kitchen to fill up in the shower while we're waiting for the warm water. We should probably conserve just in case."

The boys quickly stripped off their soggy briefs and donned the fleece sweat suits that they'd lounged in the night before. They put on yesterday's socks as well. Now the room didn't feel quite as cold as it had.

For some reason, there was still water pressure. Perhaps it was because the well was on higher ground than the cabin. Seeing that the flow was pretty strong, the guys filled several pots with warming water before stripping, relieving themselves, and getting into the shower together.

Both got their heads and bodies wet and turned off the shower to conserve. Gavin offered to shampoo Tyler's hair. Tyler loved the idea and got down on his knees in the small shower stall. While Gavin was massaging his scalp, Tyler was nuzzling Gavin's crotch. He inhaled the mixture of fresh cum and ball sweat which made up the rich scent.

"Quit doing that, you perv!" Gavin giggled. "I'm having a hard time concentrating on my job."

"I can see that you're having a HARD time," Tyler snickered as he lightly petted Gavin's growing appendage.

"Turn the water back on a minute so you can rinse off and we'll change positions."

As Tyler washed Gavin's hair, Gavin sniffed and fondled Tyler's dick. When Gavin stood up again, they soaped each other's body. Combined with the teasing they'd been doing, the contact was too much for the pair of recent virgins. With a few pumps, they brought each other to another awesome climax. They had barely gotten the evidence washed down the drain when the water flow slowed down to a trickle and finally ceased completely.

"I guess there must not be any electricity to the well either. I'm glad we thought about saving water before we started!" Tyler exclaimed. "I hope we have enough to hold us until the power's back on."


"You were smart to think of filling the pots. If we're stuck up here for days, we can turn off the water heater and use the water out of it or melt snow on the gas range." Gavin assured him.

"You're right. We'll be okay. We won't die of thirst."

About an hour later, the cabin looked like a domestic scene from a Norman Rockwell calendar. The blazing logs in the fireplace lent a pleasant glow to the room and to the faces of the boys cuddled on the sofa in front of it. The aroma of fried bacon lingered in the air as the young men listened to the weather report on the battery radio that was kept for such emergencies.

There were blizzard conditions across a large portion of the state. In the area where the cabin was situated, the meteorologist estimated the accumulation of snow that fell during the night to be in excess of 10 inches and it was still coming down. Combined with 35 mile per hour winds, gusting to 50, travel was impossible even for emergency vehicles.

Since they'd been sent ahead with most of the food for the five-day stay their two families had planned, there was no chance that they'd go hungry before the storm subsided and the roads were cleared again.

Their parents and kid brothers were supposed to arrive that night, the 23rd of December, so they'd have Christmas Eve together. The odds of that happening now were slim to none.

They roused themselves from their comfortable nest to take care of the food. Since the cabin was warming up and the power was still off, they put the things from the freezer compartment out on the screened porch that faced the lake. The contents of the refrigerator section would do better in the small entry room where they would stay cold, but not freeze.

When those chores were finished, they returned to their spot in front of the fire. As the fire died down, Gavin went to the entryway again to retrieve a few more logs. They would probably have to get dressed later and bring in more wood from the shed so that they'd have enough for the next day.

Gavin sprawled across the sofa and got Tyler to sit between his legs and rest against his chest. He pulled his own T-shirt off and helped Tyler remove his. Then he pulled a comforter over them to keep them warm.

Skin to skin contact felt great! Gavin hugged Tyler's back tightly against his chest for several minutes. Then he began lightly tracing little circles around Tyler's nipples with his finger tips. Tyler moaned in appreciation.

"Gav, we have to make this work. I want to be like this with you for the rest of my life."

"I agree, but we have to be careful. We don't dare screw up our college education. If our parents find out and go postal, we could be out on the street. We're 18 and they don't have any legal responsibility for us now. Honestly, I'm scared."

"I know. I've heard your dad say bad things about gays. My dad hasn't been like that, but you never know."

"Yeah, your dad is the most understanding of the four `rents. I think we could count on him if it came to that." Gavin agreed. "We have to have a plan, just like we have for coming through this storm. I've got money my grandparents put into a 529 account for my education. My parents can't touch it. If I went to community college for the first two years and worked part time, I could make it. I'd share with you and we could both take out student loans."

"I have some savings too and I know my dad well enough to know that he wouldn't try to take them away from me. He really values education because he never got to finish college." Tyler said.

Their conversation ceased when Tyler turned over on his stomach on top of Gavin and kissed him deeply. This time, there was no hesitation. Tyler ran his tongue across Gavin's lips in a wordless request for entry. Gavin opened his mouth enough to invite Tyler in.

The next few minutes were spent in intense making out. If they hadn't cum twice already, both boys would probably have cum without being touched - just from the excitement. When they stopped a moment to catch their breath, Gavin expressed his feeling verbally.


"This is way better than doing it with a girl! I've never felt anything like I feel with you."

"Yeah, like you have a lot of experience with a girl," Tyler snickered. "I know you would have told me if you'd ever fucked one."

"Maybe I haven't gone all the way, but I did make out with Crystal last fall after the homecoming dance. I think she would have let me, but I didn't want to. Making out with her didn't do it for me. I wasn't even hard!"

"You can't claim that now, stud!" Tyler grinned as he humped against Gavin's crotch.

"That's my point, pervert! She couldn't get a rise out of me and I can't go soft messing around with you. I know for sure what team I'm on. Uh, can I do something to you that you might really think is perverted?"

"Okay," Tyler gulped. "Just take it easy on my virgin ass."

"I'm not planning to fuck you!" Gavin exclaimed. "- at least not now. I'd like to know what it's like to blow you if you don't think that's too dirty."

"God no! I mean, no, I don't think it's dirty. I'll probably be willing to try anything with you. I'd like to taste your cock too."

"Good! Have you heard the term '69'?"

"Yeah, let's do it!" Tyler exclaimed eagerly.

They spread the comforter on the seat and back of the couch and stripped each other in a flash. Gavin lay on his back and Tyler straddled his head so that they both had access.

Gavin licked and kissed Tyler's cock-head making the latter moan in lust. In fact, he was so into the feeling that he nearly forgot to return the favor.

Next, Gavin licked the area behind Tyler's balls. That brought more sounds of pleasure and a stream of precum which Gavin licked up hungrily, milking Tyler's dick to get a bit more. He progressed from there to sucking on Tyler's `nads. Tyler tried to mimic Gavin's every move, thinking that whatever Gavin was doing to him must be what he'd like to feel in return.

It was fortunate that this was not their first sex of the day because they were able to last a lot longer enjoying the sensations that permeated their young bodies. Eventually this, like all good things, came to an end. What a climax it was! If their early morning frottage had felt like heaven, this experience had no similes or metaphors to describe it.

Tyler turned around and the two kissed deeply tasting the cocktail of their combined juices. It was so hot that neither of them lost their erections entirely. Then Gavin shifted so that he and Tyler were face to face on their sides. He pulled the top of the comforter over them both and they lay there several more minutes reveling in the contact of warm, bare skin.

"I suppose we should get up and fix some food to keep our strength up," Gavin said eventually.

"Yeah, my metabolism is on high," Tyler giggled. "We should have done this last week when we were trying to cut weight."

The boys reluctantly put their sweat suits back on to keep warm while foraging in the kitchen. They heated up canned soup and ate that along with cheese and crackers.

After they cleaned up from lunch, Tyler announced that he was going to make the stew his mother had planned to fix for Christmas Eve. It was supposed to easily feed eight people, so there should be more than enough to reheat for the next day as well as to enjoy for supper.

"I've helped her enough to know about how she does it. If you have the right meat and veggies, you can't screw it up unless you burn it."

Gavin helped by peeling potatoes, scraping carrots, and cutting onions while Tyler floured the meat and browned it in hot oil. Within a short time, they had the ingredients simmering slowly in a big old cast iron kettle that had belonged to Gavin's great grandmother.

Evening found the boys cuddling in front of the fire again. When the wind had subsided, they'd donned their winter coats and brought in more firewood. They had even played in the new snow after Gavin had taken some pictures to prove how big the drifts were. The fresh air and exercise had staved off cabin fever for the time being.

"Do you want to sleep down here or in the loft?" Gavin asked.

"Let's share my bed in the loft. We can pile on the covers and sleep naked. We can pretend we've been married awhile."

"I thought that's what we've been doing."

"No, we've been playing honeymoon. I'll show you how it works. I want you to say something suggestive to me about having sex tonight."

"Okay, how about: Honey, wanna test the old bed springs?" Gavin said wiggling his eyebrows and trying to look lascivious.

"Not tonight, dear; I have a headache." Tyler giggled.

Gavin joined him in laugher. Then he kissed his buddy on the nose.

"Okay, I think I get your point. We can cuddle naked, but maybe give our dicks a rest so that we can do more stuff tomorrow."

And so the boys banked the fire and climbed the stairs to their bed.

Christmas Eve day dawned bright and calm. The view from the loft window was like the picture on a Christmas card. The entire landscape was blanketed in white. In that moment, the boys could believe in the possibility of love and peace on earth.

Gavin took a few photos before running down to the bathroom to pee. On the way back, he stopped to stir up the coals and place a couple of new logs in the fireplace.

Tyler roused when Gavin slipped back into bed with him. He snuggled against Gavin's back, his erection nestling against Gavin's butt cheeks.

"Where'd you go, stud?"

"I had to take a piss."

"Wish you'd have taken one for me. I don't want to leave this warm nest."

"We'd better get up anyway. It's almost 9:00. The day is wasting and we have things to do."

"Don't nag me or I won't marry you after all." Tyler grumbled.

Tyler's comments led to a wrestling match in which he was quickly pinned beneath his lover. Only his threats of not being able to control his bladder and wetting the bed won him his release. He practically flew down the stairs, still naked, and barely made it in time.

After a quick wash-up and breakfast, the guys put on long underwear and snow suits. They took their cell phones, strapped on old skis that were a bit short for them, and headed up the hill to the place that usually had reception.

They still didn't have enough bars showing to make or receive calls, so they continued further. Finally, they got in range of a tower.

Their calls went through. Frantic parents on the other end cried tears of happiness knowing that their first-born sons were safe. Their fathers promised to make it to the cabin by Christmas day. Road crews were out in full force and it would be a doable, if arduous journey.

After signing off, the boys took a few more photos of their surroundings to keep alive the memories of this Christmas. Then they kissed.

"I almost wish they weren't coming," Tyler sighed when they stepped back and looked into each other's eyes.

"I know. It's magical being here alone with you. I don't want the spell to be broken. How are we going to make it work?"

"We'll make it," Tyler assured him. "Look at how we handled the past couple of days against the elements. We have the skills, we love each other, and we can do it."

"You wanna go test the bed springs," Gavin snickered.

"Yeah, headache's all gone..."

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