Man for Man

A Bit of Hillbilly Medicine


The knock came at the door and Dr. Pete Rhodie sighed. He'd been about to leave for the night, and someone came knocking. He had to accept such drop-in patients, in this year of 1884, some of his clients had to drive a wagon nearly all day just to get to him. So he called out, "Come on in, it's unlocked!"


What came in was a bit of a surprise, but a pleasant one. A very young, very large, muscles overlapped on muscles, the farmer who was as strong as his mule, who did all the farm labor and there was a lot of it, lifting, hauling, dragging, until his body was enormous, trying to burst out of the overalls and the shirt he wore six days a week. With him was the farmer's wife, very young, so-pretty young blond-haired thing, wearing a blue dress and pigtails, with lips as red as roses, the sole bit of primpery she allowed herself, or needed, and that was overshadowed by the blue eyes as innocent as a deer's and as beautifully liquid. The thing is, he knew these two, he had attended their wedding a half-year ago.

"Teddy. Mary! Come on in, how's married life treating you?" His smile wrenched in an impish style allowed a country doctor. "Can I guess the reason for this visit might be a gift from heaven?"

"No, Dr. Pete." Teddy said. "Wish it were, but it ain't. That's kind of why we're here, if you see what I mean."

"Oh." Dr. Pete said. "So, sit down and we'll start by getting to the bottom of this." He leaned back, this was going to take a while. "First off, how often have you two been having sex. After the honeymoon, that is."

He expected maybe embarrassment, maybe blushes or giggles and such. He never, in his wildest imaginations, expected the answer he got to that question. "What's sex?"

"I beg your pardon?" he said in return.

"What this sex thing you're talking about, Dr. Pete?" Teddy said in all honest bewilderment.

"Making love."

"Well, we hug and kiss a lot." Teddy allowed.

"No, no, I mean really making love. You know, getting into bed together at night and your clothes are off...."

"No, I wear my long johns and she wears her nightgown." Teddy clarified.

This went on for a while, but it finally dawned on Dr. Pete that these two had no clue as to what sex was!

It was ridiculous but not impossible. This part of the state of Kentucky had never had many people in it. Raised on isolated farms, surrounded by mostly family members, a culture of religious fundamentalism making the knowledge forbidden and filthy. Marriage surrounded by romantic and vague sophistries, and the fact these two had married so young. Teddy was only nineteen years old, Mary was barely eighteen (she hadn't been even that at the time of their wedding). Maybe these two had actually gone out into their cabbage patch at night looking for their children underneath the leaves! Or had waited for the stork to arrive!

"Mary, dear," Dr. Pete said as gently as he could, "didn't your mother tell you what to expect on your wedding night?" He had to start with the girl, he'd learned that long ago. Men would never admit to not knowing all about sex.

Mary shook her head and Teddy said, "I asked my Maw was there anything about marriage I ought to know, and she just told me not to talk dirty to her."

"My Maw just closed her eyes and started to praying." Mary said. "Real hard, and when I asked her again, she prayed louder."

"Teddy, didn't your father sit you down and tell you anything about the birds and the bees."

"Well, he taught me how to hunt quail and how to gather wild honey...."

"No, no!" Dr. Pete would have laughed, only that wasn't at all the smart thing to do. "I mean, didn't you ever watch the animals on your farm, when your father would bring over a bull for a cow you wanted to get a new calf out of. Didn't you ever watch what the bull would do with the cow?"

"No, sir!" Teddy said firmly. "Paw would put the bull and the cow into the corral in the barn and then we'd leave them alone in there. Paw said watching them weren't decent."

"He should have let you look." Dr. Pete said. "You would have gotten the education you need."

"Can you teach us, then, Dr. Pete?" Mary asked. "Teach us what we got to do to have some young 'uns?"

God, how to pierce the veil of a lifetime of ignorance? He'd have to stoop the level of the farmer, be bluntly honest. "Best way to show you is to have you two do it. Right here and now." he said.


Teddy and Mary were scandalized. "Now we know better'n that, Dr. Pete!" Teddy scolded him. "Ain't nobody supposed to look at a woman's naked body other'n her husband. It's in the Bible, it is."

He'd encountered this before, he'd had to deal with it by means of questioning and having his nurse do part of the examination. But how could you teach a man and a woman about sex without having the woman even getting undressed?

"Well, I guess I can do it if Teddy is the only one getting undressed." Dr. Pete said. "You don't mind that, do you, Teddy? Just to show you how to make babies?"

Teddy scratched his head. "Well, I guess that's okay. The Bible don't say nothing I recollect about a guy without no clothes on."

"Fine, you get undressed and I'll try to show Mary what she has to do." Dr. Pete said.

It took some time to take off the heavy boots and thick gray socks. Then Teddy was unhitching the overalls that hooked over both massive breasts, and let the bib fall down to his waist. Then the shirt had to be unbuttoned. Dr. Pete felt a lump in his throat grow as he watched this huge stud getting undressed. Damn, but Mary was one lucky gal, getting a big hunk like this in her bed...and the dumb broad didn't have a clue how to use it!

After the shirt and the overalls were off, there was the problem of the long johns, and that was another even longer row of buttons, and then he was peeling that off, and now the only suit he had on was his birthday suit! God, the clam-digger he was swinging between his legs was magnificent!

"So, now, Dr. Pete, what is it that I'm supposed to do to make babies?"

"It's..." Dr. Pete swallowed hard. "It's really quite simple. You have to take have to take it and...well," he swallowed hard again. "Maybe it'd be easier if I just sort of...showed you?"

"Well, sure, Dr. Pete." Teddy said. "That's what we're doing, ain't it?"

"The first thing you have to do is to get it, well...hard."

"Hard what?"

Dr. Pete gestured.

Teddy looked down. "Shucks, is that why it's been doing that now and then? I figured it was some kind of swelling I was getting. I'd let it alone and it'd go away."

"You don't want it to go away." Dr. Pete said.

"But it ain't hard now." Teddy observed. "How do I go about getting it to go hard for me?"

Dr. Pete felt mostly exasperation. How could any family, whatever their beliefs, raise up two kids so buck-ignorant? In the country, no less! Leaving the cows alone so they could mate in private, for God's sake! "If you want it to get hard for you, you need me to do this!" And he seized the velvety shaft! It wasn't hard, as Teddy had observed, but the length of it was quite prodigious, even if it didn't expand further upon erection, it would be a solid nine or ten inches! Dr. Pete gave it a few strokes.

"Ah, gosh, Dr. Pete, that feels really good!" Teddy said.

"You sure he's doing that right?" Mary asked her husband dubiously. "It don't seem natural, somehow."

"It sure feels right." Teddy said with a good deal of feeling. Why not, he'd apparently never done any masturbation before in his life, either.

"Well, the thing to do at first is to make it feel even better." Dr. Pete said.

"How would you do that?" Teddy asked. "It's feeling awfully good right now." And his cock was now standing out, and it had grown a bit more, Dr. Pete judged its length at a good ten inches, maybe even eleven! That knob on the end was quite a bit larger than the shaft, it was like looking at an oversized round-headed nail!

Dr. Pete got down onto his knees, his hand still working that prong as best he could, and then he said, "This is how I can make it feel better." and he stuffed that huge knob into his mouth! The spongy glans was almost form-fitting inside his mouth, he managed to shove it quite a bit of the ways down his throat, and then he began to bob up and down on it, he relished the feel of it and he enjoyed, too, the sounds that Teddy was making. It was one thing to make love to a huge studly man, it was another to do it and know that this was the very first sexual pleasure this big man had ever known, that he was discovering the feelings for the very first time.


"I don't see how this would make a baby." Mary said as he watched the proceedings.

"Maybe you're right." Teddy gasped. "But I shore wouldn't mind doing this a whole lot!"

Dr. Pete let go of the dong with a loud slurping sound. "Making a baby. Right, now that your manhood is all large and firm and hard, it's time for me to show you how to make a baby."

He fought his pants down as quick as he could, and Teddy watch as he skinned them out over his shoes, not even taking them off. "What are you going to do now, Dr. Pete?" he asked.

"He's learning you how to make babies." Mary chided her husband. "You pay attention now, make sure you remember all of this."

"I'm a trying to." Teddy said. "But it's powerful hard to pay attention with my stick a hanging out like it is, begging it to get stuffed back into his mouth like it is."

"The doctor knows best." Mary declared. "He knows if anyone knows. Now pay attention."

Dr. Pete got up on his examining table, lay on his back and spread his legs wide. "Now, Teddy, the way to make a baby is for you to take that man stick of yours and shove it right up inside of me."

"Shove it inside you?" Teddy was surprised at this! Even Mary gasped. "But won't that hurt you, Dr. Pete?"

"A little." Dr. Pete admitted. "But it won't hurt very long, so come on, stick it in me, now, before it starts to soften."

"All right, Dr. Pete." Teddy said. He put one surprisingly thin knee onto the examination table, and then levered, with the other foot still on the floor, to press his dong-head up against Dr. Pete's anus. Dr. Pete felt the glans touching his sphincter, and he said, "Now, Teddy, you need to push it in nice and firmly. Don't be afraid, just push on it, nice and steady, don't let it slip away from where it's pointed right now."

"Okay, Dr. Pete." Teddy began to shove, as required, and Dr. Pete gasped and gritted his teeth.

"See, I'm hurting you." Teddy said, his suspicions confirmed.

"Not that much." Dr. Pete gasped. "It feels good, too. Don't worry, just shove it on in, you got it going now."

Teddy pressed on, and the glans popped in and as it did, Dr. Pete groaned. "Ooohhh, oh, yes." he sighed. "This is the way you make babies, Teddy, you stick it in and you start making it move in and out. Can you do that, Teddy?"

"Sure, Dr. Pete." Teddy's face was wrinkled up a bit in his own passion. Dr. Pete grinned up into it, and Teddy grinned back. "I reckon I can do this all day long if I got to."

"You start doing it, and you'll know when to stop." Dr. Pete promised him.

That shaft went into him deeper and deeper. The cock was throbbing in desire, Teddy was sobbing in passion, Dr. Pete was wobbling his ass to help that shaft go deeper, deeper. The glans scraped over his prostate, and Dr. Pete let out a howl of delight that made Teddy and Mary both start like a pair of nervous cats!

"You okay, Doc?" Teddy asked anxiously.

"I'm fine." Dr. Pete said. "It just feels so good when you do that! Come on, get to moving it back and forth, you're at just the right depth to make me howl with how much I love it!"

"Like this?" Teddy asked as his muscular hips began to buck back and forth, and that glans began to stroke Dr. Pete's prostate, and as it did, Dr. Pete began to moan and groan right along with Teddy, who was loving the feel of Dr. Pete's innards upon his prick.

"Oh, God, Dr. Pete." Teddy gasped as he fucked Dr. Pete's ass. "I ain't never felt this good before, not ever!"

"You sure this is how you make babies, Dr. Pete." Mary asked.

"Oh, yes." Dr. Pete groaned. "The way to make babies is to do just this. Only faster, now, faster, oh, ah, ah, yes, ah!"

"Oh, Dr. Pete, yeah, ah, ah, ah!" Teddy was thrusting faster now, now the demure husband was gone, now the rutting male animal was holding full sway, now he had that massive man fully locked in his passion and fucking his ass, and Dr. Pete reached up and got hold of Teddy's body and his fingernails dug into Teddy's back and as he did that, Teddy howled and his body thrashed on top of Dr. Pete and that was when Teddy, for the first time in his young life, climaxed. He ejaculated with a fury that was daunting, like every sperm he had borne since puberty was all squirting out of him at this one time, and it was spurting into Dr. Pete's ass with jets of flame.

Dr. Pete felt the hot jizz spraying his insides, and he moaned and his own orgasm struck like lightning, he shot his wads up and onto Teddy's thin waist, muscled chest, over his arms on either side, and yes, it soaked Dr. Pete's doctor's smock, splashed his stethoscope still draped around his neck (his patients expected to see it, for him to use it, and an important part of a doctor's exam was to test the soundness of the heart), his sperm was splattering both of them, and Mary watched it all with an expression on her face halfway between shock and horror.

Teddy finished his orgasm and fell panting onto Dr. Pete's body and Dr. Pete, his own climax waning, vented his final moans against Teddy's collarbone and then kissed that strong face.

"I guess this is when I should stop, huh, Dr. Pete?" Teddy ventured.

"This is exactly the right time to stop, yes, Teddy." Dr. Pete said. "And this is how you make a baby. What do you think about it?"

"I think it's powerful good." Teddy said.

"Me, too." Dr. Pete said.

"What do you think, honey?" Teddy asked his wife.

Mary considered it while Teddy got to his feet and Dr. Pete set upright. "Well, if this is what it takes, I reckon it's okay with me." She said at last. "Only thing is, Dr. Pete?"

"Yes, Mary?"

"How often do I need to bring him back in?"

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