Man for Man

A Bet Is a Bet


I am a betting man and a few weeks ago I lost one hell of a bet that in truth led to one hell of a story.

To make a long story short I ended up getting fucked for the first time by seven guys: Jake, Mike, Josh, Matt, Ethan, Andrew, and Dan.


Jake I guess you could say was the leader of the group. We were freshmen in college and the eight of us were suite mates. Four of us on one side; four on the other sharing a common room and a communal style bathroom. The bathroom had three toilets and an open shower with four shower heads and of course no privacy.

I'll skip the awkward first week of school where everyone got to know each other but by week three we were pretty tight buds. We all seem to get along well, that is except for Jake and me. In truth he and I are really a lot a like and we clashed on ego. We were both natural leaders and didn't like being shoed up by the other.

Well around midnight we ended up back in our suite. Mike had scored several casess of beer earlier and while we had already had quite a bit to drink planned on finishing off whatever was left in the room.

Before long cards were brought out and we ended up playing some card games. Before long Jake was the President of the game and I was Asshole. Lowest man on the totem pole in the game and the one that would have the hardest time winning teh had because of how the game was set up. Jake took full advantage of this and really pushed my buttons while forcing me to drink more and more beer.

I eventually had to preform humiliating acts as Asshole of the game. Get everyone there beers. Scratch there butts. Smell there socks.

Jake finally challenged me to a man on man drinking game to allow me to quit the game. Who ever piss, puked, or begged to stop first lost the game and had to be the slave of the other person until sunrise.

Being trashed out of my mind I eagerly accepted to save me honor, just as he knew I would. Well we drank a lot and before long I could not hold back any longer I pissed all over myself in an attempt to try and hold out one more minute.

From that point on I was in deep shit. Jake made me stand up and show everyone my pants where I pissed. He then made me take my pants off and use them to mop the floor up with them. And then my t-shirt and boxers as well.

Since I was his slave he made me clean the floor naked. The guys all gathered around and watched the show. Then he had me bow to him and kiss his feet.

I then had to kiss Mike, Josh, Matt, Ethan, Andrew, and Dan's feet too. They all got a kick out of this.

Ethan was really egging Jake on to make me do "Stuff". All the guys got involved and eventually they were all having me smell there pits, lick there navels, etc. Then Jake whipped out his cock and told me to kiss his cockhead.

I was stunned and the room went silent. Then Ethan started shouting about beinga an and honoring my bet. The other guys joined in and I felt I ahd not choice, I did it I lower my self to the ground and kissed his dick. Before I knew waht happened Dan was forcing me to kiss his cock and balls, Josh and Andrew had there pants around there ankles and Dan was pulling off his shirt.

They all hauled me up on the coffe table and Matt started squirting me with KY Jelly. He must have but a gallon on me.

The next think I knew Jake was standing before me with a box of 20 some condoms. He told them all to get in line and grab a rubber. I panicked but I at the same time could not take my eyes off his hot body and hard cock.

Jake handed me the condom and told me to do the honors. I ripped the package with my teeth and pulled the latex out. He stepped forward and I slid it over his hot hard penis. He then asked me if I had ever been fucked before. I said no I wasn't gay. Jake said of course your not gay but were going to fuck you anyway and your going to have to make the best of it. He sat on the couch and told me to come over and sit on his cock.

All the guys were watching. Ethan echoing Jakes words. I positione his cock at me asshole and sat down. Slow and with a great deal of will power and I felt a POP.

I almsot cried in front of these guys. Jake told me I was doing good and pulled me down further. He started fucking me. He pushed my body up and down until I began to work with him and do more of the work.

As I bagan to fuck myself with his cock he had me move onto the coffee table in doggie style without his cock leaving my ass.

Andrew was near by and stepped up with his cock near my mouth as Jake started to really fuck me hard. Andrew played with his hard on on my face slapping me and rubbing his cock on my lips. Jake smacked my ass and told me to open up of Andrew.

I did.

I opened my mouth and started sucking my first cock as my de-cherried ass was being plowed. Ethan started shouting about me being a ass fucked cock sucker. And then he started shouting because he said I was getting hard. I was. I was getting hard and growing to my full six inches. About that time Jake came. Andrew moved to my ass and Ethan grabbed my ears and started to face fuck me.

Andrew came quickly. Ethan move back and Matt stepped up. Before I started sucking Matt, Ethan moved me onto the counch and had me spread me legs and put them up on his shoulders. Making Matt climb the couch in order for me to blow him.

I took them all in turn suck then being fucked by all seven guys, my "friends". When the last guy Josh fucked me and came it was 3:30 in the morning. My ass was sore, my jaw ached and more frightening I was still hard.

Jake told me I had done well but that I had to do one more thing before he let me out of the bet. He made me lay in the floor and jerk off. I was naked, wornout, humiliated and HORNY. I came quickly. And when I came I shot cum all over myself jizzing my chest, my stomach, even a little in my hair.

Ever since that night each guy had had me blow them or had fucked me. They only do it when no one else is around and no one really talks about it but becasue of that fucking bet I have become the suite whore and I service all seven of these guys. But you know what I don't mind. I actually enjoy it. Especially with Mike he fucks me slow and jerks me off as he drills me.

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