Man for Man

A Beautiful Assault


His arms were locked around my midriff as I hung from his shoulders, my head down, my knees and thighs supported by his shoulders. My hands were holding onto his powerful thighs as I gazed down at his muscular calves and his feet planted squarely on the floor. I was alternatively breathless and breathing hard as my mouth and tongue slid up and down on his swollen cock. God! It was big and hard. My neck was getting tired as my head bobbed back and forth, sucking his hard flesh, feeling the spongy tip of his penis repeatedly pushing deep into my throat. Concentration was difficult, as my upturned ass pumped downward, thrusting my own erection repeatedly and deeply into his open mouth. In this position he couldn't see my head, only two round orbs bulging in my tight nut-sack and the dark pink of my moist and glistening anus inviting his tongue.


Oh God, what delight! He had a body like Apollo, with a deep tan, well-defined muscles and pure white hips and buttocks. He was sucking my cock like candy, then probing my ass with his tongue, then returning to my cock. I felt like a child in his arms; my body lean and slender, delicate in comparison to his own. Holding me like this was effortless for him and he played with my body as if it was a feather. It was good though. I trusted him and embraced the feeling of total abandon I was experiencing. What a rush! I was his, and he could do with me what he chose..and what he chose now was to push his tongue deeper into my rosy pink orifice, his nose buried between my ass-cheeks, his hands now squeezing the delicate flesh of my hips, his chin resting against my nut-sack. This was heaven. I let my head drop down and just hang there. His balls were full, hanging loose in his scrotum, gently striking my mouth and cheeks. The sensation in my loins was over-coming me: so overwhelming that at any moment I could explode, could have a powerful release. I was approaching my crisis.

He wrapped his left arm around the front of my two hips and removed his tongue from my asshole. Slowly he inserted his right forefinger into my tight rosebud. Just a little. He wiggled it up and down, and side to side. My anal sphincter opened like a flower. Then I could feel my rosebud contracting around his fingertip, trying to hold it, inviting it to probe deeper. He removed his finger. I knew he was gazing at the doorway of his desire, absorbing it's pinkness, it's moistness, its alternating opening and contracting. I took his cock with my left hand and could feel it harden as he anticipated entering the deep pink entrance to my bowels. I started to stroke his cock again, harder, faster and I could hear him gasp as plunged his tongue once more into my sphincter. His tongue was delicious. The muscles of my bowels pushed downward, opening my love-canal to his probing tongue. It went deep, then deeper, then I stopped pushing. My love-sphincter contracted around his fleshy probe, momentary trapping it in my love-canal. Then, his probing stopped, his tongue contracted and then withdrew.

Suddenly he wrapped his arms around my waist, lifted me up and spun my body around. I found my legs wrapped around his neck, his hands holding my ass-cheeks, my arms around his head, my cock pressing against his face. He began to suck me again as he inserted the middle finger of his right hand into my rectum and began to finger-fuck me. We stayed like this for what seemed like a delicious eternity. Then, lifting me higher from under my ass, his hands slowly pulled my fleshy cheeks apart. My legs unwrapped from around his neck as he began to lower my ass toward his hard, throbbing meat. He slid my body slowly down until I could feel the tip of his cock pressing against my perineum, then gently, carefully, he lowered my anus onto his manhood. His cock was wet and glistening, still moist with the saliva of my own fellating. Effortlessly, my anal ring engulfed his cock as it sank deep into my pucker-hole. First an inch, then two; now alternating he gently lifted and lowered my asshole on his hot meat.

Repeatedly his strong hands would lift my ass as they spread my cheeks, then let it sink, his cock penetrating further with each motion. Up and down he lifted and lowered, until my bowels were filled with his throbbing penis. When his cock was fully, profoundly in and up to the hilt, he stopped his movements. Now, it was my turn. Holding his shoulders with my hands, gripping his hips more tightly with my legs, staring intently into his eyes, I began to move up and down. Slowly at first, then, with resurrected energy, faster and faster, deeper and deeper. I wanted to feel every inch of him sliding up and down the inner lining of my rectum. I wanted to feel his cum explode into the very depths of my bowels. I wanted feel his spasms as he pierced me again and again. I wanted to hear him moan and to feel his powerful torso shudder. But, it didn't happen.


As if I was a doll, he threw me down on the bed. He looked down into my eyes as I gazed up at his. His clear blue eyes were dark with desire and the urgency of lust. I bent my knees and opened my legs to him like a youthful virgin. He looked hungrily at my soft, pink flesh: my cock a pale rose-colour, with blue veins covered by smooth, tight skin and my tight, round ball-sack a hairless, rosy pink delight. He feasted his eyes on my open loins, my inner thighs and the crevice of my ass-cheeks. I could see his cock jerk slightly as he took a deep breath. The vision I was offering served only to intensify his desire. I rolled my body onto my right side and lifted my left leg. Now my opened ass exposed my most delicate parts. I slide my left hand onto my ass and lifted the left cheek, revealing my sphincter. Then I pushed my bowels downward, making my anus open slightly. The dark opening of my sphincter was an invitation to take me and take me hard. He dropped to his knees, bent down and took my anus in his mouth.

His lips sucked my rose-bud and pulled on it as I pushed harder, opening my anal door even wider. Then, he thrust his tongue inside. As he probed my asshole his left hand cupped and kneaded my nut-sack, squeezing each testicle in turn, pulling on them, taking them by turns in his mouth, sucking them, then returning to my anus. He positioned his hips and belly directly behind my cheeks while his right arm wrapped around my chest, pulling my back tight against him. Then, suddenly, almost violently, his cock was in my ass as he let loose. In an instant the full length of his meat was deep in my bowels. He was fucking me wildly, while his left hand tightly gripped my own hard erection, jacking it, squeezing it, tormenting it. My back was arched with delight as I felt his cock thrusting deep into my ass. Oh yes, fuck me! Fuck me harder! Fuck me faster! Take me, I'm yours! He was grunting, panting and sweating now. I was thrusting back against his invasion, making sure that with each thrust he was up to the hilt. His cock was big and thick; sliding wildly in and out of my ass... the sensation was almost unbearable.

O, it was delightful! I was yelling, 'Take me! Take me harder! Fuck me! Fuck my ass! Dump your load in me! I'm yours!'. But he held back, refusing to release his sperm into me. He stopped his thrusting, then pulling out he grabbed my left leg and threw me over on my belly. He pushed my legs open. My whole body was flat against the comforter while his hand shoved my face into it's softness. Suddenly, his whole weight came down on me, his powerful chest against my shoulder blades, his mouth against my neck, his legs spread on either side of my own. I could feel the spongy hardness of his cock between my ass cheeks as he breathed heavily into my right ear. I was helpless. His hands and fingers grasped my own, squeezing and pushing them deep into the comforter. His fingers where intertwined with mine. I could feel him begin to move his cock against my ass, up and down the crevice of my fleshy, white boyish cheeks. He was big and hard against the delicate skin surrounding my puckered backdoor vagina. He paused momentarily. Seconds later I felt the fingers of his right hand disengage mine, only to find my anus. He was massaging some creamy substance into the crevice of my ass, into my pucker hole, pushing into my sphincter. What a feeling! Another rush of anticipation! What a sense of total surrender! Oh God! This was so good, so delicious, so invasive. At that moment, I came. I couldn't hold back. I came once, I came twice..I came in waves. He could feel my sphincter tighten around his fingers, then release. My rush passed with a final, total release.

But it wasn't over. He took his time, then slowly removed his fingers, his hand returning to mine, interlacing the fingers of our right hands in a tight squeeze. He was delighting in the moment. I was his prey and he had me at his pleasure. I was now tired; too exhausted, too delirious to offer any resistance. I was his. Slowly, hungrily, he lifted his hips from my ass and slid a few inches lower against my body. I could feel the tip of his cock sliding against my perineum. The spongy head of his hard weapon found my puckered, waiting anus and pressed against it. His powerful chest, covered with greying hair, was hard against my shoulder blades. His belly was pressed into the arch of my lower back. I was pinned under his weight, helpless. I could feel his breathing. His tongue and lips were licking and kissing the nape of my neck. I could feel his desire, it was as if I was being devoured. Then I felt his hips lift off of my buttocks. Although I couldn't see, I knew that his own delicious ass was arched upward in preparation for his final assault. I imagined that his strong, magnificent buttocks would now be open, revealing his hairless, protruding sphincter. His ass would be muscular, and smooth, the white skin turning brown just above his hips. The thought of his perfect, saucy, exposed anus sent a shot of energy into my now flaccid penis. I reveled in the thought of assaulting his hind quarters, ravishing his asshole. But that would come another time; the present moment belonged to him.

Slowly, he lowered hips and began to move against me. He pushed and pushed against the natural resistance of my love-hole.not violently, but gently, relentlessly. Then, suddenly I opened. My backdoor flower unfolded for him as my anal ring released, then squeezed around the engorged head of his manhood. It was a moment pure joy. The mushroom tip of his cock was engulfed by my anus. He stayed there a moment. I could feel his long and ample cock throbbing with the rush of blood through its veins. We rested a moment longer. Then with a steady, driving force he thrust into me, hard. He pushed deeper, then deeper into my rectum. His penis was long and I could feel its fullness inside of me, reaching into my bowels. The weight of his nut-sack hung against my perineum. His heavy balls were swinging to and fro, sometimes caressing the inner lining of my thighs. His hips began to move backward and forward in a rhythmical motion, slowly at first, then more urgently. He began shoving harder, faster, more urgently. He released my hands and wrapped his arms around my shoulders and chest. He squeezed me tight as he pumped my ass. His belly was pushing into my back, moving up and down, following the motion of his hips. I felt helpless, utterly at his disposal, crushed by his weight, imprisoned by his muscles -- his whole body was glued to mine. His cock was a total invasion of my back entrance, it went so deep and so fast. His sweat was lubricating my skin.

Suddenly we rolled over, his arms wrapped tightly around me -- and I was now facing the ceiling. He was still fucking me hard, his hips now thrusting upward. I bent my knees and planted my feet on the comforter. I began to meet his thrusts with my ass. I was fucking his cock while his cock was fucking my anus. We were soon moving together in a perfect, intense unison. I could hear and feel his groaning and panting. His breath was getting ragged. He was moving faster, pumping me with increasing force and velocity. I responded in kind. He let out a long, intense groan and with one powerful thrust the gift he was carrying in his loins exploded into me. I could feel something hot and fluid erupting and I knew a mass of sperm was spurting into my bowels. I kept pumping downward, meeting his crisis, calling for more of his cum. He obliged. He kept dumping his load in my asshole. He ravaged me as he yelled in a total release. Then the movements stopped, he relaxed and I knew he was finished. Slowly he withdrew cock, his breath still heavy. The head of his penis fell out of my asshole as I lay against him. We were now close and comfortable, relishing the total delight of the past half hour. My anus was sore, yet warm and tingling. I savored the afterglow of the sweet invasion of my inner sanctum. Something thick, warm and liquid was slowly trickling from my swollen rosebud and creeping down the soft, interior skin of my thigh. Bliss!

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